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How Does Letrozole Work For Infertility | Can I Drink While Taking Letrozole.

Welcome friends today we will discuss some questions about letrozole uses such as can I drink while taking letrozole, What does letrozole do to your body, and How long do you have to take letrozole. So it is important before using letrozole that we will discuss its side effects.
Letrozole is aromatase inhibitor drug that is using for the treatment of some type of breast cancer in women such as hormone receptor-positive breast cancer and some type of infertility.
How Does Letrozole Work For Infertility | Can I Drink While Taking Letrozole.
Letrozole side effects
Letrozole is a widely used medicine in the women but it has many types of side effects not complicated but effects the health of some women.

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How Does Letrozole Work For Infertility | Can I Drink While Taking Letrozole.

Some questions related to letrozole -

Can I drink while taking letrozole -

Some women also ask this question can I drink alcohol during the letrozole, if any woman consumes alcohol and other this type of products while taking letrozole then it is possible to see some side effects such as a headache, navy, blurring, Irritability, vomiting etc. So try that both do not use together and if you do, then by limitation. Because both alcohol and Letrozole can also cause many fatal results for your health.

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What does letrozole do to your body -

The letrozole medicine is an aromatase inhibitor that is more effective to infertility or some type of breast cancer such as hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, in women after menopause this medicine also decreases the secretion of estrogen hormone that helps to maintain the growth of cancer cells.

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How does letrozole work for infertility -

Letrozole drugs are often used in infertility treatment. There are two conditions in which letrozole medicines can be useful. First, these drugs can be used to develop eggs and release them in women who can not develop the egg itself. This ovulation is known as induction. Letrozole medicines are also used to increase the chances of pregnancy in those women who have already developed eggs.

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How long do you have to take letrozole -

In the first period of time during breast cancer, if you are taking letrozole medicine as hormone therapy, then you can usually take it for five years. Some people are advised to take 5 years after 5 years of completing Tamoxifen medicines course. And if letrozole is being used to reduce cancer before surgery, then your doctor will advise you how long you can take it.
After taking it for three to four months, it is usually tested to see how it affects cancer cells. If cancer cells decrease. So after surgery, usually taking a necrosis for five years is released. And if letrozole has not reduced or destroyed cancer cells then your doctor will talk to you about other treatments.

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