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How to get rid of joint pain after letrozole side effects.

Letrozole is a drug also called Femara used to treat a certain type of breast cancer in women. It also used to prevent the breast cancer from returning. Letrozole help to decrease the level of estrogen in the body that helps to slow or decrease the growth of cancer cells.
Letrozole related to the group of drugs called aromatase inhibitor, that totally works on inhibiting aromatase.
letrozole side effects,How to get rid of joint pain after letrozole side effects.
letrozole side effects
letrozole drug comes in tablet form and usually taken once a day or according to the medical condition, with or without food.
Letrozole is a most popular drug to cure the breast cancer and infertility in women but it has many types of side effects. Some side effects are very rare and some are very common. That occurs while taking letrozole drug. 

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Most of the side effects of letrozole are very rare but if face them and they persistently present in your body immediately contact your doctor and take advice about it.
 today we are discussing on a very common side effect of letrozole drug that generally occurs in women while taking letrozole drug. That is joint pain, in this article you can read the condition of joint pain during letrozole and how to get rid of joint pain after letrozole side effects.
Generally, many women complain that they have joint pain in the whole body during taking letrozole, this is a normal condition because it is a temporary condition that is present for a short time in the body. But if it is present in the persistent form, this can be fatal for you, so consult your doctor in this condition.

How to get rid of joint pain after letrozole side effects -

Many types of research showing that a proper exercise and a proper diet can help to feel better or reduce any type of side effects during the course of letrozole medications.

Exercise for joint pain -

Cardio Exercise -

Stepping or step up is a cardio exercise, which has many advantages. In the condition of letrozole side effects, this exercise enhances the heartbeat, produces heat in the body and makes the whole body energetic. Do not turn your knees while stepping up. Keep it completely straight. Knee will benefit greatly by continuously making one step for one minute at a similar speed. Step-Up Exercise Heats the knee and reduces the stress on it. If you are struggling with some knee injury due to letrozole then you can do this exercise immediately. 

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Yoga -

If you have joints pain then you can do Yoga. By doing yoga the muscles are relaxed and the pressure and stress are also less on the joints. There is much yoga that is especially meant to relieve the joint pain. Yoga influences more time than other exercises. Even if you regularly do the sun salute, joint pain is very low.

Stretching -

Muscle stretching is a great exercise to get relief from pain. There are several stretching exercises that are good for the knee. One such exercise is the hamstring stretching, which makes the knees slopes lose. For this exercise, do one foot forward and turn the other knee so much that you feel the pressure. There are some other such exercises as well. 

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Partial squats -

Stand in front of a chair at a distance of 12 inches. Then widen the feet and hips and forward your toes. Now fold your hips and bend your half-part slowly to the chair. While doing this exercise, keep your abs intact and check that your knee should be behind the toes.

Mat exercise -

Exercise There are knee muffle stretches in some mat exercises such as leg lift, knee lift etc., which greatly helps to reduce knee pain. You can do matte exercise at any time at home. Do not turn knees down while lifting your feet up and leave the legs up for some time. This exercise is very good for the knee injury.

Diet for joint pain -

Salmon fish -

Salmon fish is a very good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Letrozole also effects the omega 3 fatty acid, so salmon fish helps in reducing the pain and inflammation in joints. 

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Strawberries -

Strawberries or blueberry reduces the pain and relaxes. The antioxidant present in it, especially the bioflavonoid reduces the pain to a great extent.

Vegetables -

Letrozole decreases the level of omega 3 fatty acids, so take green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, onion, ginger etc. to balance it. Stay away from food like carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, fry food, and junk food.

Nuts -

Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants are found in almonds, cashew nut, coconut and pumpkin seeds, which reduce the joint pain after letrozole side effect. 

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Olive oil -

This oil contains low fat and a lot of antioxidant, which is very good for bones and heart, it reduces inflammation and pain in joints.
If you are facing the problem of joint pain due to letrozole side effects then use these exercises and foods to reduce the joint pain immediately. (Haldol uses)


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